• Catering has a 20 person minimum and Full Service events have a 50 person minimum.
  • For takeout, delivery and drop-off orders we require 48 hours minimum notice.  
  • For full service events we ask for 2 weeks notice, but of course more notice is always appreciated!  
  • We’ll do our best to accommodate orders with less notice but we cannot guarantee anything.  That’s the nature of of really good BBQ, slow and low takes time.


We serve 11am-9pm every day of the week (Sunday - last call is 8pm) please inquire for full service event times.


  • Monday: the office is closed but the kitchen is open!
  • Tuesday - Friday: 9-11am, 1-3pm (email hours)
  • Saturday & Sunday:  9-11am weekends are a popular time for events please expect a less timely response as we’re often busy serving other guests delicious BBQ.
  • To get more information about catering, please click on the “request an order” link to send us details about your event, the more details you can give us the better
  • Helpful information includes the date and time of your event, headcount and the type of service you’re interested in (see catering menu for our list of service options)
  • We’ll get back to you with a quote as soon as we can.  Please see office hours for the fastest response times.
  • Delivery rates vary based on location from the restaurant.